SUN – WATER – AIR – FREEDOM  These four words triggered a vision in my mind after practicing yoga for first couple of months about two years ago. I was just sitting at a desk and started writing and writing. I still have that notebook where everything is written and drawn together with bunch of notes.

And that project –  sitting in a pile of other books and papers on my desk- just didn’t leave me alone. I was aware that I would be too naive to bring that project to life in my way too busy schedule – (during winter I had too many things going on with an everyday show that I’m still hosting on national televison)

Well in the end of the TV season I did it anyway, but with slow steps so I can grow with the project. That bigger project is still waiting for me at another pile of other books, papers and projects I still wish to bring to life one day – when time will be right and when I’ll feel ready for it.


But, let’s get back to three things that always make me smile. SUN WATER and AIR. These three have a deeper meaning in Bled and unfortunately the “SUN WATER AIR” vibe gets lost somewhere in the books and archives.

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Photo by Alenka Klinar

Back in the day (18th / 19th century) there was ARNOLD RIKLI, a swiss man who was searching for a place to cure his sick body and came to Bled, because he heard about this place from others talking about it.  He liked just about everything here – the place, fresh air, water etc… and he soon got better.

And not just that. This place gave him a vision, an inspiration how to help other people that were feeling a bit sick, exhausted, or were just looking for a place to rejuvenate their energies.
So he built a special RETREAT CENTRE and his main focus was to make people feel better with SUN (they were sunbathing naked), WATER (swam in the fresh water) and AIR (they walked around usually barefoot). And they really got better.

He once said that water is of course useful, but air and light even more.

And this couldn’t be a better advice from and ol’ swiss healer even in today’s world. Today we need just that – more air and light and to SLOW down in a fast paced world that is full of competition and stress. We just keep on forgetting about ourselves so that we can please others. But what about us –  you, me, we?
That is what I wish to bring to people – that you find time for yourself, that you slow down a bit and just breathe, look around what is surrounding us – SUN WATER AIR and feel the FREEDOM that comes afterwards. Freedom called PEACE OF MIND.

Let’s starts spreading more of the Sun water air freedom vibes around, not just around Bled and Slovenia, but everywhere. Go out, explore, learn, grow, but never forget to take time for YOURSELF and to stop a bit, without posting everything on all of your accounts – just sit with the moment. Just you and the SUN, WATER and AIR.


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