We moved to the hostel’s terrace, fresh air on our skin with the smell of the nearby forest and sambucus flower with even a stronger scent since it’s been touched by the rain.

And then…

… during the class the clouds slowly went away and the sun started coming out. The birds from the nearby forest just went crazy with their singing like they were celebrating the evening light. It was so, SO beautiful. Imagine Savasana with these sounds. Well, we had one and it was priceless. Magical is even a better word. Totally unexpected the class just turned from a rainy one to the sunny and shiny just like it wanted to remind us about the intention of the class – which was balance. When there is rain there is also sun. Both are needed so that “the life” can grow. IMG_20160607_085130

There was also something else that was magical – to see sun opening in this girl as well. I felt it and I saw it, it was written all over her face.

I just love, LOVE to have sessions like these, when you see people in the end of the class with a different glow and flow. They look so calm, peaceful and BEAUTIFUL. “Sun water air freedom” vibes all over their faces.


Let’s continue with these vibes, shall we?

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Start shining   




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