Bled, Slovenia

Yesterday I took a walk around the Lake. I didn’t have intention of doing so, but I just walked and somewhow found myself on the other side of the lake. The early evening vibe and light was beautful, finally a glimpse of summer – since it’s been raining like all the time in the past few days.

On the other side of the lake a friend on a bike rang with this bike bell, stopped and there we had a talk and a walk towards the other side of the lake. Summer vibes all around. His route turned to a local skate spot, where the local boys like to hang out and I continued my way around the lake. I walked to Mlino where I saw a bunch of people looking down at a water. I thought they were just looking at baby swans, but there was something else as well. They were all starring at baby duck and a stressful Momma duck who’s baby got over a little fence by the lake where the water goes into a river. And a baby couldn’t go up, because the current was just too strong and that (even though little fence) was too big for its tiny body. Everyone was looking at it, but nobody did anything. So I took my shoes off, pulled up my yoga pants, went into the water and tried to save a baby duck and return it to its Mom. There were bunch of ducks watching what’s happening and even more people on the shore. When I looked up to ask people to give me some grass – maybe food would attract a baby duck to come over , I saw a familiar face. Just like that, there was a woman with whom I took yoga classes in Ljubljana. What an encounter. Spontaneous again. And so we all hang out just to save a baby’s duck life.

Now baby duck was safely behind a rock under a bridge, but the bridge was too low that I could go in – only on all fours. One tourist – who didn’t understand a word – was on the other side of the bridge, trying to scare the baby duck of going to his side – because water current there was just too strong and it would take it straight to the river. I was waiting on the other side, waiting behind a bridge so that a duck wouldn’t see me and I could grab it asap when it comes to me, but the current was too strong and it just couldn’t come to me at all. Once it did, it got pulled back in. I told a tourist if he could go in the water from that side and he probably didn’t understand me so he quit. He climbed back up, then yogi friend wanted to go there instead – but instead of her one man decided to go. And he went into the water and on all fours with his jeans and white t-shirt just like that. He was on all fours, trying to get to a baby duck. But unfourtunately – duck was too tired from fighting the current, so when that tourist went away from the spot – the current got a duck and it got pushed into the river. And we couldn’t do anything anymore. DAMN!

But we tried our best to safe a tiny duck. We failed, but we tried. Thank you strangers and a yogi friend for help! THANK YOU. 

What happened to Momma duck? Well Momma duck had a lot of other babies to take care of, she gave up A LOT sooner than we did it. And took all of the other baby ducks from that place so they don’t get too curious as well. Which was a good thing, to prevent even bigger stress and disaster. Nature’s instinct.

Photo by Stevica Mrdja

Photo by Stevica Mrdja

I pulled my yoga pants down, put the shoes on, said thank you and goodbye to strangers and continued my walk around the lake. As I got to Grand Hotel Toplice, I looked in I saw a familiar face in the lobby – a receptionist who I know since I was working in a hotel business at Bled several years ago – and so again – another pit stop.

We talked and spontaneously got to the lakeside of the lobby – where I am always taken by the INSANE VIEW over the whole lake. If you were in Grand Hotel Toplice before – you totally know what I mean. We both agreed how grateful we can be to work in such a place like Bled. Where everything feels a little bit different and a little less stressed than in other places where they don’t have water so close. It just calmes you down.

Anyways he took me to some places around the hotel, told me about a bit of a history that I haven’t heard before, made me dream again about that project that I still have under the piles of books and papers (waiting for me to have more time and a courage to create it). He also reminded me about one special place that I totally forgot and it’s located beneath the hotel. They have THERMAL WATER. And they are filling up their swimming pool with it. What I didn’t know is that they fill this water up EVERY DAY – every evening they empty the pool and every morning they fill it up again. So it’s fresh EVERY DAY. Right next to the pool is a faucet where you can drink thermal water, which has a different taste than the usual tab water. I’m pretty sure the receptionist of the Wellnes Luisa will tell you all the benefits of that water in a better way than I could describe it here. Go there and try it by yourself and stop by hotel’s reception. If they won’t be too busy, they might tell you some really good stories about the rich history of this hotel.

I drank the thermal water, thanked my friend receptionist for a small tour and a chat, wished him a nice evening and again off I went. This time home.

With a smile on my face of another exciting adventure that happened so spontaneously by going around the lake and by meeting interesting people.

When I came home a smile became a bit bitter –  I found my dear cat feeling really sick. Back to rescuing, this time with an even more scared heart that the current of life is too strong with her too.

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