Indoor greenhouse

Vila Bled – their whole place – with the hotel, beautiful park, indoor greenhouse, Belvedere,…. holds such a nice energy. Everytime I am here I am overwhelmed to have yoga here, because I am aware of the history of this place. So many important people of history were walking where I roll out my yoga mat today.

Before World War II, Villa Bled  was the summer residence of Yugoslavia’s Karađorđević royal family, where they hosted their high-profile foreing guests. After the Word War II the original villa was demolished and replaced by a more modernist mension. However, its role remained essentially unchanged. The new Villa served as Marshall Tito’s summer residence, so in the time of summer months the entire diplomatic corps moved from Belgrade to Bled. Foreign ambassadors opened temporary embassies in the resort town, which functioned as Yugoslavia’s de facto capital for several years.
After Tito’s death and the collapse of Communism, Vila Bled became a luxury hotel.

Text from the article – A villa in Bled once hosted famolus guests 


Indoor greenhouse


I could totally understand why these people loved this place so much. Because it is some sort of special and I am so greateful that my yoga adventure takes me there from time to time. Everytime I am there I get filled with energy. Energy of the nature that is surrounding this place and the energy of AN AMAZING staff working in this hotel.

And I feel like people are a bit different after yoga sessions here as well. It feels like they too get a bit of the energy from this place. Next week I am back here – June 23rd, hopefully able to share a yoga session and all of this nature and good atmosphere surrounding this place with YOU.


WARM UP from Yoga Bled on Vimeo.

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