To go somewhere with no people, just you. Take a moment for yourself. Imagine that every person that you meet has some kind of a frequency. An energy. One has a bad one, because he/she just had a bad week and she/he’s nagging and some of this energy is absorbed by your energy. And then a very vibrant person walks into the room and you again just feeel insane amount of energy, and this is also absorbed by your body. And there comes a time when there is just too much to process. When there has been to much of the energy absorbed and you can’t give any of yours back anymore. That’s when you feel a bit empty. Nervous, restlesss and out of touch as well, maybe you start nagging too. You just had enough.

In moments like these all you need is some ALONE time. And that’s what people don’t take. They don’t take those special moments for themselves to be with themselves, yet in these moments special things happen. You get back to yourself.

So go out in the nature and feel yourself. Why nature? Because nature has it’s own frequency too and it can give you magical things if you allow it. Sitting next to the water is always a good idea. From my point of view, water brings special kind of peace and calmness. The energy is flowing and it feels like body is being washed from the inside.

Be there in the moment. Be still.

If you, after a couple of minutes still find yourself thinking about millions of things you need to do when you get back home, turn your awareness to the place you are at. Try to seek and look for the tiniest details. Butterfly, a fly, a rock underneath your feet, the sound of the water, what air feels like on your skin. Just observe, without no judging. Soon, you’ll feel like you’ve been washed. From the inside. You’ll see, you’ll feel that you are coming back home. To you. More calm, more peacefull. More YOU. By only becoming still.

Nature is the best therapy and we could learn so much from it.

The time spent outdoors gives me a feeling like I had just washed my eyes and I can see things more clearly. And its not just how I see, but what I feel and sense as well. Everything becomes ONE and so much clear. And it’s not just my eyes, it’s the whole vibe of the body that changes. And it all comes from a little shift from within.

What happens on the inside is also felt on the outside. Look and you will see FEEL.

Tonight you have a perfect timing to take a moment for yourself. It’s a full moon night. If you don’t have a cloudy night, go out with the blanket, sit still and just enjoy the moment with yourself. There is a chance you will remember this night forever. You never know. Start (feeling) loving YOURSELF 



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