Merry Christmas


Hvala vam VSEM, ker ste bili letos del moje in naše, Blejske zgodbe – YOGA BLED.
Hvala, ker zaradi vas rastem in ker lahko zaradi vas raste tudi joga in sonce voda zrak svoboda community na Bledu.
Želim si, da bo lahko ta zgodba rasla še naprej.
Da lahko v tako lepem kraju širim, delim ljubezen do nečesa kar me polni.
Da lahko še naprej delim znanje, ki sem si ga nabrala in ki ga bom nabirala.
Pa da lahko delim energijo, ki je del mene in ki je del vseh nas,
in da vas lahko sprostim, da po telesu steče sproščenost in tista polnost, ki jo kar naenkrat začutiš, ko “samo si”.

Hvala vam, ker ste.
Želim vam čudovit božični vikend – in to velja za vse, tudi tiste, ki Božiča ne praznujete

Dear YOGABLED international friends,

THANK YOU ALLL – for being a part of my and whole town’s story of Yoga Bled. Thank you for coming to our yoga and SUPyoga classes from all over the world.

Thank you that I am able to grow with you and that the yoga and sun water air freedom community can grow around this town as well.

I wish that this story will continue to grow, that I’ll be able to keep on sharing the love of something that truly fullfills me in such a beautiful place.
And that I’ll also be able to share my knowledge, passion and energy with you. And that I’ll be able to relax even more of you wiho will come to our town from all over the world and to bring you peace that you feel when you just simply. Are. A part of the moment. Here and now.

Thank you !!
I wish you all beautiful Christmas weekend – that goes to all, even to those who don’t celebrate Xmas.


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