Make it worth it

Longboarding Radovna - April 2017

Moments will give you the best of memories, while things will eventually disappear, get broken, get lost or just be somewhere hidden between other things and dust… But memories last, they never start to dissolve (unless a person has dementia, or get Alzheimers, but there is also exception, my Grandmother had it and she still remembered the most special people and memories), moments become collected in a thing called experience. When you let moments happen, they start to make you feel more alive, they make you more open to life and open and alert to new things. Life suddenly starts falling into place.

Next time when you go travel – go for an adventure, TRY as many new things, activities as possible, go out in the nature, explore it, meet and hang out with the locals, and let your phone be on mute. Let you, your heart be the one who takes the “photos” of life mindfully, aware of everything that is happening in that moment of life where you are. When you explore, do new adventurous things, when memories are being made step by step from the moment of “here and now” – that is where happiness comes in. That’s when mind doesn’t analyze, but it simply becomes one with the moment you are collecting in you. You stop wishing, but start living and trusting the flow. Here and now is when life happens.

That is my goal with projects that I am doing – to bring something true and meaningful to people. To make them forget about time and ego. And give them something they can take with them forever, so they don’t have to pay extra luggage for that and make extra space at home for it to fit in. I always wish to got to a place, hidden space where the heart is opened and aware and let it open even more, let it ground and create a little new moment there that maybe just starts a whole new experience, adventure. Yoga Bled is one of those projects where I want to give a souvenir of life to people. Something that can only be felt. A refreshment, something to make people feel more alive, to make them start question new things, to make them open their eyes for new adventures. And open eyes for here and now.

I always go for moments. Not things.  And I choose a way that is deeper and more meaningful, though sometimes also harder. From that meaningful space I know I am living and serving genuinely. Where time doesn’t exist, but energy does, life does, here and now does.

Start your adventure. Make it worth it.

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