You are enough


. Yoga. Awareness of myself and the surroundings. Put me down to Earth. Grounded me and rebuilt me in a totally new way, I’d never imagined it will. Placed a mirror in front of my face. Looking back on the journey I am in awe of how much it brought me and how much it cleared out. How it gave me a totally new perspective and consciousness. And all of this journey is nothing as seen on the pictures. Lately I’ve had interesting conversations about where yoga is taking people through social media. When I started nothing was spread as it is now. And it was so much more authentic. Today I find so little authenticity. But so much ego and showing off your body. But truth is true “yoga” happens when your phone is off, growth happens somewhere where the camera can’t reach with its lens, true beauty of life happens through YOUR inner and outter eyes. Where ego is grounded and if the journey is genuine it happens at the deepest of levels of YOU. And that is not able to be shown in a picture, but in a life you are LIVING. Not on a phone, but off of it. Genuinely. With shadows and lights. Because we all have them. The growth start by accepting them. It happens when you cry and when you smile. It happens when the masks are off. It happens in the nature of your own. So start LIVING more. Growing more – inside of you – offline from the media and online in your HEART! That’s when the changes will come by themselves and people will start noticing them without you showing off. You are enough!

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