How you vibrate is what you get

winter 2018

Had a crazy week, but lost of fun and lots of learning. One day was: shooting and doing yoga all day (wahoo vibes). Next day: recording voice, then a meeting, lunch time and straight to teach yoga (lovely vibes). Came back home, wanted to take a shower and go straight to bed, but… of course, I forgot to return the keys of the wellness. Got back on the road, but as soon as I got on a highway I got a flat tire and of course it was already snowing. Pulled over at first s.o.s. stop – waited for assistance. Dad pulled over and drove the keys (it was asap kind of a thing, thaank you) to wellness. Then very kind worker from maintenance road team pulled over – wanted to help (thank you thank you thank you), but I already called the help that my insurance is providing. Help came (another very kind guy), saved my car (and me) and later also my tire (that thing that got in my tire looked terrible). Thank you universe that it ended like it did. Came home. Tired as fuck. But couldn’t fall asleep. Fell asleep, but woke up an hour before the alarm clock (of courseee). Ate breakfast, packed clothes even ironed some cccc (the most boring thing in all of this mess), went to another shooting and again road was snowy – drove very slowly which was nice, because I was T I R E D. But I came to the set on time. Shooting went well. Got back home, changed my spare tire with the old (repaired) one (and no I wasn’t the one changing it), prepared for yoga and went to Yoga Bled, BUT everything there was in snow and I had NONE, none time to shovel neither none shovel with me, because I simply forgot it. Yes in the middle of all of this snow I managed to forget about it. I needed to cancel that lovely session where I would look like “I woke up like this”. But in the end of the day I laugh like shit at my own self how I manage “to fly” in my head and sending big THANKS to the universe that in the end things somehow work out.

That was just half of the week, but it tought me a lot. Our attitude and vibe really affects the turn outs of the situations that we are in. If I would use my “bitch vibe” I don’t think I would have been able to get SO MUCH help and meet so many kind hearted people.  When I totally accepted the fact that I simply can’t do nothing about it – there came a moment when everything started to shift.  It felt like the sky started to open. And I laughed at myself during all of this even though there was clearly “murphy” doing its job.

Simply – how you vibrate is what you get.

And in the meantime note for myself: remember to ground, return the keys, maybe bring a shovel – but changing tires, leave that to guys. 

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