if you have any intentions of traveling to Slovenia and to Lake Bled or surrounding area, a message for you – water here is safe to drink from a tap.

I know there is a lot of you coming here from places where you drink water from plastic bottles, because it’s not safe to drink it from a tap and I know some of you have been doing this since you were born and think that it is unsafe to drink it elsewhere as wel. Well in Slovenia this is different.

The reason I am writing this is because there is more and more plastic around Lake Bled (and also surrounding area), everyday that I am going for a walk I pick thrown plastic bottles that are lying on the floor, I even find them on forest paths which I never did years ago or when I was little.
The situation was even worse at the beginning of this year’s Spring when I usually took daily walks to Vintgar Gorge – EVERY SINGLE DAY I came back from that walk with a bag of plastic bottles, bags, bags of candy, cigarretes, you name it – plastic and trash all over. IN NATURE. All of that was the scene after the last summer season.

It is just insane to see that amount of plastic in nature where I grew up and where I take daily walks and expect it is supposed to be clean and vibrant. This goes also for walks around the lake and surrounding area, etc….

This year Bled built couple of Water Points (hopefully there will be more of them) where you will be able to use it – FOR FREE. So you don’t need to buy plastic bottles of water over and over and over again, but reuse them.

Please, please, please do so, or even better, bring your own GLASS bottle or buy it here and reuse it over and over and over again. And this goes for plastic bags as well – reuse it or use the tote reusable grocery bag. We – the locals – nature lovers, would really appreaciate this as this can also bring a step forward into Bled becoming a town of less waste and plastic.
I know this is very hard to do, since you have so many people coming in from different backrounds – but it could really help if you support us in that. More and more and more of us going in that way, can really make a difference.

This also goes for the locals – Slovenians. To spread the word, the awareness. And be a good example of how to think about the future of our nature, waters, forests (fauna and flora) – and us.

Thank you 

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