Sometimes there comes a period of time when your body, your senses just flip you back. When certain people from the past come and they bring you the “smells”, the senses, so familiar feelings, emotions, (sometimes also heaviness in the body) – you were dealing with sometime in the past. Just like that, the past is right back here.   

But this time you have a slightly different flow and vibe to this. If feels like your body is giving you a chance, an opportunity, to step one step back, to slow everything down, to look, go through these things from a whole different angle, to really feel it and face it differently. And all of a sudden, it happens. You start to see and feel the expansion in yourself, something opens. Like “aha” moments. You see, understand things differently, like you were totally another person now than back then. And that smell, that smell all of a sudden becomes a teacher, it gives you answers to so many questions you were asking at the moments when this exact smell or vibration to your senses was being stored in your brain for the first time. You grow.

I have a feeeling (or maybe this is only in my case), that it is that time of the year of such “smells” that bring you back, giving you a chance to do things totally differently. That you have grown in your own self enough that you are ready to finally deal with this “yesterday” for better “tomorrow”. And you can maybe make two steps further from this “slowing down period”. Step into your own growth.

Because that is how we grow – sometimes one step back, sometimes one step ahead.





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