I haven’t mentioned about little something that I did during the winter and spring period of this year. Maybe because it’s not really my comfort zone to speak up loudly and proudly of what I do, create, collaborate. I always rather leave it a bit more quiet, but there is not need to be quiet about this collaboration anymore. It was something that was special to work with, because I could see it grow, develop,… from its pure beginnings. And because it also got me out of my comfort zone. 

It’s a lovely, lovely project, now already a business called Melon and Lime It was almost a year ago when me and my friend Rebeka were driving around the forests, rivers and lake, filming and dreaming  (brainstorming) about little something connected to her beautiful yoga mats.

And then it was a long winter and for Rebeka and her friend/business partner Jelena, even longer spring and first half of the summer. But they did it. After SO much of hard work, they created not so little anymore – MAT’n’APP. A yoga mat that is connected to an app. “Each Melon & Lime mat comes with an integrated NFC chip that works as a key to unlock the app full of inspiring yoga videos. When you purchase a mat, you also get the access to specialized content. 

The content that Maja, Anja and me helped to create. And now it’s all out there. Ripening with summer and growing – of course they have plans to create more and more.

So go for it, support this Croatian – Slovenian business, and also let them know about YOUR wishes, to what you want to practice, move on your M&L yoga mat. Maybe they will include that in their future content.

Go girls!

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