Here is a picture of a flower from my garden, but you can also go to any other flower that you have at home. For couple of minutes let your agenda, scrolling around on apps,… be switched off.

Look into the flower and its center. The sweetest thing there is in the flower – its core. And start staring into it.

When you will feel that you are slowly calming down – start observing the whole circle of the flower with its petals. Dive into the magical colors of the nature.

And just simply take some time doing just and only that. Observing the flower.

Maybe you will be able to feel its simple beauty and calmness expand onto and into you as well. You will start to slow down, relax. And you will be amazed of the flower, its simplicity and how perfectly carved it is.  Sacred geometry. Sacred space of nature. Right there in front of your own senses. So close yet so far, because we forget about this. To take time, to focus and observe this remarkable nature.

You have this center inside of yourself as well. It is that “sweetest” place in you, just like that center of the flower. But of course it is different. Just like flowers and beings are different. You can take the same kind, but each is going to be crafted in its uniqueness. Your “sacred” space, your center is therefore a space, where you don’t need to add anything, maybe just the opposite – to reduce what has been put onto it. Don’t compare, judge. Reduce. So you will be able to come to your own “sweetness”. And start growing and exploring from there.

But first – isn’t it amazing. The flower. And taking the moment to just stare in this simplicity. Into such beauty, that doesn’t ask for nothing. How many times do we do this, just observe and focus to one SIMPLE thing?

More of that will open us, because everything is a reflection to oneself.  Open us with more amazement, curiosity and wonder. Inspire us to explore it more. And time, energy, space, understanding,… your sweetness will feel like they are expanding.

With focus. All is coming.



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