This cames up yesterday evening during self explorations and I am sharing it with you: 

When ego drives, it drives fast. It tries to show everyhthing that is beautiful, fantastic, with full »mask« on, embroidered in a silver and gold. But the depth of our true selves is maybe not ready for what »it« sells, for what is shows – or maybe is never really going to be, because the true energy is totally different and wants to go the other way. Ego is just the one covering, protecting all of this – in our inside. Fragile places that at the same time can be so very powerful. A feather once, diamond later.

No catterpillar was fighting against the nature, trying to go up on the tree and throw itself down thinking it already is a butterfly and has wings to »fight« the gravity. It grows and matures slowly, just like everything in nature (us included), so that the cycle prepares it to come into the right time of turning into a cocoon. The time always comes, eventually.

When heart drives, it drives slowly. Sometimes really, really slowly (and then the ego would like to speed everything up). But the heart takes time, so that we can really mature from the depth, from the roots where we trully are – and can become even better in that. Without plans that are created on the surface, without showing off, without anger, disappointments or selling something that doesn’t exist.

When real time comes – true wings grow. Solid. The ones that are able to cope with »gravity«, winds, rain of your own life. The ones that are guided by true navigation – heart.

Into maturance, growth of your own cycles. To the right timings, that come when YOU are ready inside, not ego on the surface.

Into explorations, learnings. Not rote learnings though, but the meaningful ones.

The ones that make you WHOLE.


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