I believe that everything in this vast open space is unique version of its own being. Every organism, not matter how the same it is one to another, it is unique in its own micro cosmos – the core .

Every snowflake – you look at it with your own bare eyes and see they are all the same, whilst you look at them through the eyes of micro cosmos, each and every single one of them is unique.

Every finger almost looks the same – but when you look at it closely it has specific and unique finger prints, not a single one is the same. Out of billions and billions of human beings who live or lived on this planet, not a single one of them is / was the same! How incredible is that.

Every galaxy, they could be the same at first glance – but when you look at them closely, you get to see their uniqueness. And there are billions and billions of them.

And on it goes…

How could this also not go for our individual self? Our own core? Own soul? You have two similar people, doing and going for the same kind of things, but each of them will have their own specifics, backrounds, their own versions of themselves.

We are also macro and micro and what is there in the micro is unique just like the snowflakes are, and the finger prints and the galaxies.

When we are getting lost in the world of comparison and feeling less apreciated or wanted, with low self-esteem, wanting to be like someone else – we are closing ouselves. Literally. We are closing this great possibility to feel and connect with this inner – micro landscape inside of us. The uniqueness. Looking things only through the perspective of “everything / everyone is the same” or “everyone is better than me”,… just creates even bigger fear of losing, more aggressive thinking towards others or pretty much towards – yourself. All of this deepens the not needed competitions, creates more stress and negativity. It is NONSENSE. These are patterns usually coming from the childhood experiences. Repeating such actions, reactions and the way you treat yourself takes you only to the path of more stress, tension and through time also disease. You start to attract things that just go with your current mental state (that is also connected to the state you were in as a child when stressful situations happened). It it’s like that – the attracted things aren’t really satisfying in such a case. But they give you a schooling. If you aren’t willing to open, to learn and really see this schooling, the repetitive states trying to give you a lesson – you don’t end up in a peaceful state, but rather in ever more difficult or uncomfortable situations or (all sorts of) relationships.

But when you look at things from the other perspective, when you open yourself. Look yourself in the mirror of your own life – not pointing fingers to others or judging them, but rather seeing, recognizing the reflection of your own doings, actions, thoughts, reactions, feelings also the condition your body is in – you start to get to know YOURSELF. Not covering anything. Just simply entering into your own micro cosmos. Through acknowledging your own destructive or stressful actions, thoughts, behaviors… and how they shape the way you are, the way you live,… this is where you start to transform. You get to come in touch how all of this is deeply connected. The micro and macro. The body, the mind. It is all ONE. One affecting the other and vice versa.

The more you do the transformation, the more it opens. And there comes a day, where you can really drop the aggressive state you have towards yourself and others and you start seeing your own unique “soul-print”, unique core of your own self. You see that there is no need to dig in someone else’s garden in order to make yours feel more colorful.

And when you re-wire yourself back to your own core, all of a sudden right kind of people start coming into your life – situations start to happen that are positive, that bring more ease than stress – or if stress comes, you recognize it and you observe, you try to see it from a bigger perspective – so that is can teach you somethings and make you grow. It happens more and more that situations and encounters start to happen so coincidentally, you start to become speechless. This is something some people call magic. I call it openness to your own core. And it is – a moment when you open to your own uniqueness and your soul and you start to accept it, it feels like the universe – macro, as well as micro start to expand.

You have come in touch with your own soul-print, becoming aware of your own unique core inside. It all starts by accepting yourself – seeing yourself from another perspective, ground level, from your own truth, where you see that no matter if there are others in the same kind of field, wearing the same kind of shoes as you are –  yet the walk is going to be different. No walk is the same!

So there is no need to prove that your shoes are better then his, hers, theirs,… You will prove that by simply accepting yourself  and living openly with the soul-print of your own, admitting yourself also your vulnerabilities, possibilities and potentials. This is where these shoes of yours won’t pinch anymore, but will start to become so comfortable that you will easily start to attract the right things in your life. It’s going to feel like a dance.

Comfort in your shoes. 

You are as unique as a snowflake, fingerprint, galaxy. 

You are nature inside of nature. 

Open yourself and see the soulprint of your own self, accept that you can’t be like someone else, because sooner than later you will start to walk unnaturally. Start to open and become what is natural to YOU. 

Nature is unique. And you are a part of it. 

Nature and the uniqueness. 

They both come hand in hand. 

– Ana


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