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Took time to listen. Observe. Just be. Many things have happened in the past few days, that feel like opening of some sort. I just sat there in silence of the nature. In the daylight next to the water where I could feel its cool freshness without even touching it. Then the bees started coming, flowing on the water and I started saving them one by one. Watching them cleanse, dry and feel them on my skin. One moved her wings on my palm (which isn’t like in a slow motion, they do that really fast) and I could feel her power, her body vibrating gently on my palm. Magical moment of trust and awakened life.
And in the evening I was looking out of the window of Hotel Ribno and witnessing beauty of the forest. Trees gently moving with the wind and the sounds, the sounds were so magical.
And then driving back home with the light of the moon – where I sat in silence, writing writing writing to the point I layed down to sleep with gratitude for all of this there is. Nature inside of nature.
Life. And gratitude that in the hardest of time I chose life instead of ending. I chose beginning and doing something totally new. And this how I feel and felt is so old, old as the planet, the nature and the universe and so new.
Circle in a cycle.

Choose life. Just like nature always chooses a new start, a new life awakening with each arrival of the right moon cycle and the light of the sun, marking the beginning of the Spring. Choose life.



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