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They can be so opened and loving to nature if you let them speak, play, be observant, give space for their amazing curiosity and imagination. They can become like birds, like trees, like air, like water, like bees, like sun and moon they become one with all of this beauty, if you let them move, touch, smell,… – feel. Through that you can see their eyes open, you can hear their pure heart speak. Through nature, their true nature opens.

Kids have enourmous amount of energy, it is closing their true unique natures, curiosities, creative vibes when you let them sit and sit and sit. I think it is us that need to listen THEM more. And give THEM more space and time – to feel. To move. To explore with all of their magical curiosity, imagination and soo much energy. It’s like an expansion when you let them be – natural. And when you let them see that you are trully listening them and you are really there with them.Heart to heart. Not heart to phones and phones to heart. Living heart to a beating heart. Expand.


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