Shell of the past


Shell of the past stripping down to its naked core. It served its way. Now becoming transparent with the structure that remains free to the cycles. And the invisibilty inside – the unknown, the hidden – is ready to be seen, ready to be introduced, ready to be explored into and with – the new form, the new growth, the new season of the self, the Moon, the Earth and the Sun.

Everything happens so spontaneous in nature, always trusting that hidden flow, without fear, without questions of how, when and what. But us – the humans, the more we “think we know” more illusions we create. Illusions that just create barriers, attachments to the shell, the shield that just keeps on filling up. Shield upon a shield, until there is too much of it and we are forced to painfully let it go.

Let the nature – in its unseen unknowing, that is at the same time also mystical “knowing” – be the inspiration. Inspiration to trust that we too can naturally, without fears let go of the shields and shells that aren’t meant for us anymore, to let the unseen open to the seen. And that we can flowingly open to the new cycle, the new season of growth, transformation, learnings and knowings. To the point when you no longer “think we know” – but just simply – feel.




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