Sometimes so hard to keep it, when triggers push you out of your foundation. You build it, and you get shaken again. You build it and again, you think this one is going to stand, but it happens again. Frustrations, fears, doubts, old – very old – too old patterns just errupting “out of nowhere”. They are shaking straight – out of you. Your own foundations. And there is no stopping. Rocks just keep on being shaken

It’s work and if you are willing enough to listen, change and grow, it can become the hardest of work – “the job” – the work on yourself that manages to build you again and shake you even more. Again and again. But somehow each time a bit more stronger and a bit more balanced there in it’s hardest of rock, the foundation – it becomes

All of such hard work, it does pay off when you least expect it, when you just simply want to let it go and stop. Just at the last bit of planning on giving up, when the triggers and its inner earthquakes are just simply too big, light occurs, it clicks. The mountain shows up there like a teacher, before hidden in the fog and snow and then all cleared up for you to see it and find strength in it – to continue, because that is your deepest of work, because that is your path. To. Balance.


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