To stand out, inspire and aspire to get the attention lies in an act of not wanting to do anything than just simply – being.
Being there in the moment itself in your own being – who you are without a single tinniest of a thought of standing out, inspiring or aspiring, but letting it be.
As soon as the wanting or doubting arrives, we start acting and dancing and doing all kinds of nonsense to be seen, felt, absorbed, adored •
Yet the truth of our golden self is hidden – it’s wrapped up under all of the uncomfortability that arrives later, in the (cold) sweats that prove you wrong and waste your time and energy away with swirling around in someone else’s shoes

There in the nature, alone time spent observing, learning, wondering you open. There in the nature, everything simply is growing and rooting with imperfect-perfect beings, inspiring in all of the wild. Truly beautiful

Their beauty comes from the energy that is not left out to “be special”, it just is and that’s makes it… well yes, special
And we too are a part of the wild and a part of all of this beauty if we just let it be and everything else perfect for our path will lead us there. To be inspiring, special, perfect in the imperfect will happen in its non wanting anything than being yourself

You are your biggest inspiration.

– Ana

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