We have cold, windy and rainy days. Northern winds are blowing, snow came back to the mountains and there is no sign of pulling Summer clothes out of our closets yet.

But that might be a good sign.

According to our folkore these days (from 12th to 14th of May) warm weather in May turns into cold and also frost because three Icemen (Ice Saints) come for a visit.

It’s the cycle of the nature that our ancestors were deeply observant of – they rather waited for these three Icemen to pass by, to make sure that their dedicated work with the soil woudn’t be wasted. And then on the 15th the day of wet lady (peed lady Zofija) follows, it’s the day when it usually rains.

If Icemen and ‘peed’ lady do come (with cold and rain) – this indicates a sign of a nice and warm Summer coming to the country this season.


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