The light reflected to the shape, to the structure, to the living or non living thing is a light we feel vibrating to the light inside – the way how we see it, depends on how we feel. It is the light of the sun and the moon,… reflected to the objects and coming to us, getting “filtered” through our visions and feelings. And they are all different.

So many colors and shapes and feelings and understandings,… might have so many stories, backrounds, so many different “views” – as many as the galaxies, as many as the fingerprings (from ALL living beings). So many.

And then there is the invisible light, so, so soft, physical eye cannot see it, all of the receptivity happens in a whole of a being and gets  processed inside with our inner and outer. And then… all of this indeed becomes unique experience of every single being experiencing it. Knowing it or now knowing it.
We are all experiencing it already and living through it. Uniquely.

The uniqueness of a light reflected to a light.


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