I so deeply expand when I am here, down by the river, smelling that moist and feeling freshness on my skin. Air flowing with the river. River being the highway of everything, smells, air, maybe even sounds if it wouldn’t move so quickly. Barefooted, naked if I wanna be, just all and everything being so simple.

I never feel lonely here, although I am alone quite a lot. There are so many animals and plants and stones to see. I rather feel lonely and pressured in the cities, while here it feels like I finally arrive. To my truth.

And sometimes I get this feeling in my chest that phyisically kind of feels like “an opening”, like something cracks inside and I have to take deep breaths – this time, out of happiness. And sometimes I try to stop it, because I get scared that it would be too much for my body to take it.

And also it is also the feeling that scares me sometimes when I am soo happy, because it is similiar to the feeling of anxiety, although this time it’s coming from the other way, not fear or sadness, but such a pure happiness that everything so deeply vibrates inside of me.

I am amazed how happiness and sadness have just a tiny, tiny little space in between, and can, in the moment of the deepest expansion feel so similar in the body, yet they are states coming from totally different “dimensions”, perspectives. Even eyes get watery as well, feeling sad or deeply happy or moved (if you pay attention, it’s so deeply coming from the chest. The heart).

What I have learned until now, in both cases such feelings bring expansion. Happiness or sadness.
And in both cases something errups inside. Cracks open. It can be a destruction or renovation.
Ending/closing or beginning/growing. Because in both cases, everything happens. The destruction and renovation all at the same time – but you are able to see this truly when “time passes”- it kind of feels that our body and the mind needs to process things, since the whole moment-of-such happens too quickly for our mental and physical state to be able to fully digest it that fast.

It all comes from the wholeness of life inside of us – you can call it soul or whatever name you put to it. There wouldn’t be sadness if there wouldn’t be happiness. Nor destruction, nor renovation.

It all comes from the same circle of the cycles. And all is embroidered in nature that we are all a part of.

Nature inside of nature.

So, just simply. Expand to and in (y)our potentials, love, to (y)our nature.



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  1. Dave Smith

    C’est la vie, well said Ana! Life is spiritual.

    • AnaPirih

      Thank you Dave. C’est la vie. All the best.

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