Holding past and future in a hand of present time.

I always wonder that Earth was like when dinosaurs were roaming around. How raw, how big, how wild it was. And there I am holding a little piece of that time in my hands, raw and wild with the time that evolved and transformed.

And as well – I am holding a piece of what my ancestors “lived”and into what their lives and stories, manifestations transformed. Some of which is also you and me.

We are the stories and wishes/manifestations of our ancestors with the same ability to create and transform new ones – limited to our own time and space and can and will affect the ones that come after us.

To them another rock, maybe even the same one I was holding (that inspired this writing), will be the one reminding them of our stories lived and transformed.

From one ancestor to the other – to today – to tomorrow.

Listen, learn and through that – transform and create new stories to listen to, the ones to learn from and to let it again – transform and create.

And hopefully also – inspire.



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