This on the picture is a little part of many roots of a tree hugging rocks that have a huge mountain gap underneath. The trees and the soil with which they are connected to are holding them together. And there I was standing, next to these rocks, next to these roots – contemplating about my own power that I don’t even know that I have.
Same, but different roots supporting my rocks, and stories, and energy, emotions, feelings… life.
It’s the power that goes further and is not giving up, is not running away, hiding away. But encourages us to go deeper within, to do things more sincerely, to go further. To do things differently, not falling into same cracks and almost falling into complete deep gaps, but building “a bridge”, finding new paths.
To find her – our own unconditional power within us – our life coming back to us and holding us even more in place and in truth, not minding the gaps and the cracks, since there it somehow happens – a symbiosis of support. Symbiosis of life.
Like in nature.
Nature inside of nature.



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