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Ana Pirih

Founder of YOGA BLED, Yoga and SUPyoga Teacher

Ana Pirih is a licenced Vinyasa Flow yoga teacher that combined the love of nature, people, body and spirit, love, good vibes, movement, energy, yoga, sun water, air and all that is a part of that,… under one name – Sun Water Air Freedom vibe.

Working in media made her realize that being a “face and a voice” on Tv screen is not enough of what she wants to give out. Therefore she decided to share a piece of her world in a deeper and (to her vibe) more meaningful way  – with yoga and the knowledge she is getting from books, workshops, her own body, breathing, taoist practices, shamanism,… and of course people and “life that happens”. All that she teaches is result of her own practice, learnings, experience and feelings, growth. Her practices are deep and intuitive. Just as her vibe is.

She fell in love with yoga couple of summers ago, when she attended her very first yoga session. That rainy yoga summer changed her life and inspired her to share yoga adventure with others, so she invited Maruša Pfajfar (the girl who was teaching Ana at that very first yoga class) to join the ride.

YOGA BLED is the result of that inspiration of yoga adventure. A project was founded in the summer of 2015 with a vision of bringing more yoga, relaxation and groundness to people coming to Bled, Slovenia and to connect the whole place together so that the story of Yoga Bled wouldn’t be just an adventure of yoga or another activity in town, but the adventure of the whole place.

Wanna join her sun water air vibe and tribe? Follow YOGA BLED or Ana on instagram and see what’s up.

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Marusa Pfajfar

Psychologist, Yoga teacher RYT – 200 and Children yoga teacher Rainbow Kids Yoga

Maruša is a psychologist and yoga teacher. She has been practicing yoga for the last 10 years, with occasionally longer and shorter pauses. Since 2011 yoga has been part of her life, truly making a grant entering with teacher training in 2013. She now regularly teaches yoga to adults and kids. She is constantly evolving her practice and teachings, trying to learn as much as she can from many different teachers.

Maruša loves music, dancing, hiking, her amazing friends and family (including dog and cat ), music festivals, books, traveling, green leaves and herbs, running, backbends, sweaty yoga practice, spring and summer and popcorn 🙂

Wanna see what Maruša is doing? Check her website or instagram.